Vintage Christmas designs

This year's Christmas masks are still available for a limited period, so it's time to return to traditional winter designs inspired by the Forties and Fifties.

Choose from one of four seasonal stamps, printed on the new Pillar Box Red or Bottle Green masks, or alternatively the classic Black or White masks.  These Christmas designs and the two new seasonal colours will only be available for a limited period, so order now so that you don't miss the boat (or perhaps that should be sleigh!).  Just click here.

Vintage Christmas mask designs
Pillar Box Red Stag mask
Christmas Holly Bottle Green face mask
Pillar Box Red Stag mask


Bottle Green Snowflake mask


Pillar Box Red Christmas Tree mask

Christmas Tree

Bottle Green Holly mask


Christmas Karen Tree plum coat 2.jpg

To order your Vintage Christmas face mask, just click here.