Issue stamps

Your mask will be stamped with a period-correct issue stamp on the outer top right-hand corner of the mask.  You can choose one of several different designs which are based on the original 1941 CC41 Utility scheme logo, the War Department logo for 1940, the Air Ministry logo for 1940 or the US military logo for World War II.


Each mask is stamped by hand, which not only gives a period-correct appearance, but makes each one unique.  However, this does mean that there will be variations in print quality and stamp position between masks which all adds to the authenticity.

If you prefer, your mask can be made without an Issue stamp.

CC41 Utility stamp masks in Khaki and Navy

CC41 Utility issue stamp

CC41 white face mask

War Department

1940 issue stamp

Khaki Air Ministry face mask

Air Ministry

1940 issue stamp


US Military WWII issue stamp


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